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Ines Cieslok

Ines Cieslok

Managing Director and Senior EMEA Regulatory Counsel State Street


Ines Cieslok is the Managing Director and Senior EMEA Regulatory Counsel at State Street Bank GmbH with a focus on investment and regulatory issues. Among other things, she was responsible for the implementation of the MiFID, UCITS IV, and AIFM guidelines and their effects on national law and banking practice in Germany. In addition, she is active in both the DK and the ETDF with regard to supervisory issues. She deals with regulatory issues across Germany. She is also a member of the "Consultative Working Group (CWG) of ESMA's Investment Management Standing Committee (IMSC)" and a member of the ECB FinTech Taskforce which deals with questions in the post-trade area in connection with the technical possibilities.

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