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Inspired vision and strategic risk lead to uncommon success. Ian Utile's company Kukui is a great example of this because its revenue has grown every quarter for the last seven years, while they maintained profitability, in order to thrive without investors. The Inc. 500 list ranked Kukui as the #1 fastest-growing private organization in San Jose (#76 in the US).

Ian thrives when he is "selling the future" as an executive-level biz dev closer. He provides the most value in an entrepreneurial role, working as a strategic innovator, focused on driving revenue through aggressive marketing and sales. In the future, Ian envisions being groomed for Head of Innovation or Lead Strategist for a company like Apple, Facebook, or Google.

Ian Utile's heritage inspires him to create a legacy because his ancestors have raised their families in the San Francisco Bay Area since his forefather (Lieutenant Moraga) founded San Jose on November 29th, 1777.

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