Meet Hrishikesh B. Acharya -
Hrishikesh B. Acharya

Hrishikesh B. Acharya

Assistant Professor Rochester Institute of Technology


Hrishikesh B. Acharya is interested in networks and network security. His Ph.D. was on tools that verify and optimize networks - routers, middleboxes such as firewalls, and SDN flow tables. Since then, he grew interested in networks as distributed systems: the cost of consensus (e.g. in Spanning Tree Protocol), the danger of non-stabilization (attacks on BGP), and so on.

He mainly teaches systems courses (networks, operating systems, distributed systems) and security.

A concrete system is complex and messy. We need both theory (to get a clean high-level picture) and practice (to get the details). So he likes to mix up his classes with labs and keep things as interactive as possible.

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