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Houman Goudarzi

Houman Goudarzi

Head of BI and Industry Engagement, Aviation & Travel International Air Transport Association (IATA)


Houman Goudarzi is passionate about software, data science and data exchange ecosystems in Travel. He is focused on solutions for airlines, travel agencies, search and content aggregation providers and the wider travel ecosystem. He is a strategist focused on products and services leveraging data science, eCommerce platforms, and API services.

He started his career in Cisco as a software developer, then co-founded 2D Web Technologies in 2005 (acquired in 2010). Since then, he has held various positions, focusing on data science, data exchange services, and technology.

In 2018, he architected and technically developed aviation’s first global platform for digital identity management leveraging asymmetric cryptography and Distributed Ledger Technology for IATA, in partnership with Amazon Web Services, and piloted the solution with United Airlines.

In 2016, he designed and orchestrated the delivery of the global industry data exchange solution in the area of airport ground handling with an annual savings of $600 million for the aviation industry.

He is an aerospace engineer from the background, and visiting lecturer of Emerging Technologies & Blockchain at the EU Business School in Geneva, focusing on sovereign, autonomous and interoperable business ecosystems.

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