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Michael Onyango

Michael Onyango

Member of Distributed Ledgers and Artificial Intelligence TaskForce Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology


Working on Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and innovation - Government of Kenya. Accomplished in public affairs, policy and ICT, communicating ideas and positions to diverse audiences, worked across Africa. Lead and execute strategies related to external, internal, public affairs and regulatory communications for Sub Saharan Africa. Demonstrated track record of building strong working relationships with leaders in the public, private and non-governmental sectors. Skilled in quickly understanding complex policies and issues; making clear and focused recommendations to deliver strategic solutions. Expertise in leading crisis communication response, anticipating emerging issues and developing viable solutions.

Connecting present African generation to first-class, global opportunities (scholarships, trainings, fellowships, grants, internships, funding, jobs), conducting practical soft skills trainings that fulfill the void of school learning – life’s soft skills, ensuring that Africa’s economic agenda now and in the future, is owned, in the hands and leadership of Africans.

Strategic communications consultant. Each client always a journey and some of my best friends/network now, were clients at one point. Clients vary diverse; public/private sector, governments, NGO’s. 95% of my clients are in Africa and at times some from other global regions, about 5%.

Formal academic background is in the Sciences, combined with my work history within the communication and creative industries since 1994. Michael Onyango has and continues to in various capacities informing and leading key regional and country initiatives.

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