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Hiromi Yamaoka

Hiromi Yamaoka

Board Member Future Corporation


Hiromi Yamaoka worked in the Bank of Japan, the Japanese central bank, for more than 30 years. In the Bank he served various policy-related positions including Director-General of the Market Department to lead market operations under QQE (quantitative and qualitative easing policy), and Director-General of the Payment and Settlement Systems Department, where he established Bank of Japan’s FinTech Center in 2016 to promote FinTech in Japan. He also served as Member of Basel Committee for Banking Supervision, BIS Markets Committee (MC) as well as Committee for Payments and Market Infrastructure (CPMI). He worked as Alternate Executive Director for Japan in the International Monetary Fund from 2007 to 2010. He retired from the Bank of Japan in 2019 and joined a Japanese IT firm, Future Corporation as a board member. He graduated from University of Tokyo (LL.B) and University of California at Berkeley (LL.M). He is Attorney at Law in New York.

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