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Henry Liu

Henry Liu

Managing Partner YGC


Henry Liu has experience in Finance at Liberty Mutual Asset Management on the international bonds team that managed $13 billion. He also has experience in Marketing at Facebook as a Strategic Advisor and Account Manager for high growth e-commerce companies (Everlane, OutdoorVoices, Soylent, ClassPass and more). His experience in entrepreneurship and founding a startup led him to leave Facebook to build a travel community and a travel gear company. He organized the largest TEDx conference in Amherst and Western Massachusetts area in 2014. Henry spent 7 years in Japan, 8 years in China and 11 years in Boston. He speaks native Chinese, Japanese & English. Henry is a keynote speaker. He is an Investor and Advisor of Abacus Protocol and Newchip. He is also the Chief Investment Office of Yeoman's Capital.

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