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Helie D'Hautefort

Helie D'Hautefort

CEO Globcoin


Helie D'Hautefort started his career as a currency options trader in New York. He joined the Peugeot Citroën group in Geneva, where he was in charge of currency hedging. In 1998, Helie founded Overlay Asset Management, the first European currency management business offering currency overlay services and pooled fund programs.

By 2012, in partnership with BNP Paribas, the business had grown to over USD 23 Bios of currency assets under management, with a client base from 16 different countries. Since 2010, Helie has focused his research on the creation and management of the Global Reserve Currency Index, an innovative systematic virtual currency that mirrors the world's global economy.

In 2014, he created Globcoin to extend the scope of client users thanks to Blockchain technology. In 2018 the GLX, a stablecoin linked to the basket of the 15 largest currencies is deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain, creating a safe haven for crypto-assets and a payment network.

Helie graduated from HEC Paris.

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