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Heinz-Günter Lux

Heinz-Günter Lux

Digital Strategist Evonik Digital GmbH


Heinz-Günter Lux is a Digital Strategist at Evonik Digital GmbH, the digital subsidiary of Evonik Industries AG, which sees itself as the "Digital Innovation Factory" of Evonik. In his almost 32 years at Evonik Industries, he held various roles from sales to marketing and product management to strategic planning, controlling and business development.

Heinz’s background is a business administration and he holds the Executive MBA from Pace University in New York City. In the US, he was a Business Director, where he made a significant turnaround in the product lines' profitability and performance. As Head of Pricing at Evonik's M&S Excellence Initiative, he introduced value pricing for the global group.

In addition, he was actively involved in various merger and acquisition projects, including managing director of a unit for sale in Maastricht (NL). From 2015 to 2017, he led Evonik's global business process organization and laid the foundation for Evonik's digitization initiatives, which it is now continuing to advance in terms of content.

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