Meet Hans Fraikin -
Hans Fraikin

Hans Fraikin

CEO Libra Project Asset Management


With a mission to improve 100 million lives by 2030, Hans Fraikin and his team created the Libra Project to democratize the financing of Renewable energy projects with the aim of providing electricity to the 1.2 billion people still without access.

He is the Co-Founder and CEO of Libra Project, the world's 1st Impact Investment renewable energy asset management firm based on a blockchain platform.

The focus is on overall product development, innovation, business strategy, and finance, but includes general management, operations, business development, marketing, and IR (investor relations). Hans has a strong experience in Board governance and compliance with an emphasis on TBL (triple bottom line).

He has prior experience in the Private sector (Twentieth Century Fox), Public sector (Telefilm Canada), Public-private partnerships (Quebec Film and Television Council).

His specialties include general management, project development, business models, strategy, negotiation, financing, deal structure, international, marketing, brand development, business development, public relations, stakeholder relations, press strategy, commissioning, lobbying, board management.

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