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Hannah Flynn

Hannah Flynn

Communications Director Failbetter Games


Hannah Flynn is most motivated by complex challenges that need creative solutions. She loves using data and research to inspire new ideas, brought to life through collaboration and experimentation.

At Failbetter Games, she is responsible for the ongoing promotion of Fallen London, a browser-based free to play the game with a rich, compelling, sinister and charming story at its heart. She is also responsible for marketing new products, including Sunless Skies, which they released in January 2019 on Steam and GOG to rapturous reviews.

At the NSPCC, she drove numerous campaigns for youth audiences, most notably the Childline sexting campaign and accompanying the app, Zipit, which received the Chairman's Award at the 2014 DADI Awards.

Childline's first app allows young people to explore ways to avoid sharing naked photos of themselves and promotes healthy digital relationships. Zipit is available for Android, iPhone, and Blackberry and was downloaded 60,000 times in the first month.

Recently she was part of a project team tasked with completely re-working the NSPCC's approach to social media across operations, strategy and creative.

She also launched Childline on Facebook, where they use newsfeed posts to engage a growing audience of 90,000+ young people in the UK with issues that matter to them.

She has spoken at Stonewall's Education conference on the subject of sexting and online bullying, and at GDC Next about the use of in and out of character social media to increase community engagement in gaming.

Her goal is to develop her social media practice and broaden her experience of working in media with a view to connecting brands with people in new ways.

Her specialties include copywriting, blogging, online content creation, social networking, online community management, social strategy, brand strategy, games PR, events.

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