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Gunjan Bhow

Gunjan Bhow

Global Chief Digital Officer Walgreens Boots Alliance


Gunjan Bhow is the Chief Digital Officer and Chief Product Officer. He is passionate about transforming organizations through customer-led digital experiences and engagement. He relishes conceptualizing and developing new experiences and disruptive business models, while always starting from customer needs, wants and aspirations. He leads teams to digitize existing consumer journeys, transform transactions into lasting relationships, and use big data to personalize everything. He is particularly interested in digital disruption of consumer services that touch millions every day - financial services, healthcare, media, and commerce. He is a keynote speaker and panelist on digital transformation.

Gunjan has deep expertise in mobile, e-commerce, digital media, financial services, IoT, and speech computing. He went "mobile-first" since 2000 (yes, 7 years before the iPhone was launched!) and never looked back. He is deeply versed in all aspects of a consumer online business - product, acquisition, loyalty, monetization, subscription, and viral growth. He is very interested in building a culture of customer-centricity and product management and digital innovation inside large, market-leading companies.

He has been fortunate to have launched over a dozen products from concept to profitability, serving 100+ million customers and generating billions in revenue. He leads P&Ls of several hundred million dollars employing multiple levers of consumer businesses - transactions, loyalty programs, subscription services, marketplaces, and advertising. He is passionate about the art and science of product management.

He has an MBA from Harvard Business School; focus on behavioral economics.
BS in Engineering & Computer Science (focus on digital media) from UC Berkeley, and Cognitive Psychology (design thinking and user experience).

Gunjan is a Global Keynote Speaker on Digital Transformation, e-Commerce, and Customer-centric innovation. He presented to global Fortune 100 executives at events in New Zealand, South Korea, Denmark, Mexico, Netherlands, India, UK, Spain, USA, UAE, Sweden, and Norway.

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