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Guillermo Infante Hernández

Guillermo Infante Hernández

CTO Taiger


Guillermo Infante Hernández is the Chief Technology Officer of Taiger, a global Artificial Intelligence company headquartered in Singapore with offices in five other countries across Europe, America and Asia-Pacific.

He leads the technology team to develop cognitive solutions that help organizations to optimize operational efficiencies. With over a decade in the computer science and software engineering fields, Guillermo drives research and development projects with Artificial Intelligence and Semantic Technologies.

Prior to joining Taiger, he worked as a professor at leading universities in Spain and Latin America. He was also a researcher in the field of Semantics & AI and his work contributed to expanding the knowledge base of these fields. His work has been published in multiple peer-reviewed international journals.

Guillermo holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science, an MSc degree in Web Engineering and an Executive MSc degree in Innovation Management.

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