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Greg Zinone

Greg Zinone

CEO 514 eSports


Greg Zinone is the founder of Pro vs GI Joe, now Joint Forces Initiative, and 514eSports. Founded in 2007 by Greg and his combat veteran wife Addie, Pro vs GI Joe puts on online and in-person esports competitions between professional athletes and celebrities, and troops stationed all over the world. Pro vs GI Joe was the first organization of any kind to bring online gaming to troops in the Middle East. For the last 11 years, this simple idea has connected thousands of troops to their families, their communities and their favorite athletes for truly fun, yet impactful once-in-a-lifetime gaming experiences.

With the success of the PVGIJ gaming initiative Greg used that success to build more successful programs; including Wounded Warrior focused Rehabbing with the Troops, Purpose Driven Rehab and deployed troop focus, the PVGIJ Salute (in-game stadium-wide live crowd salutes connected to troops deployed on live on the JumboTron). So the simple concept of PVGIJ grew into its now larger overall organization Joint Forces Initiative. However, with the gaming space becoming bigger in the pro sports world as well as within the military. JFI refocused all attention to gaming; and now builds bigger PvGIJ events and has just recently formed the first-ever Military only esports/streaming team, The Vegas Stripes.

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