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Gaurav Aggarwal

Gaurav Aggarwal

Head of DLT and Tokenization HSBC


Gaurav Aggarwal is HSBC’s Securities Services (HSS) distributed ledger and asset tokenization technology leader. In 2019, he led the building of a new DLT service named the Digital Vault which is currently processing assets in excess of $20Bn. In addition, Gaurav is overseeing HSBC’s collaboration with the Singapore Stock Exchange and Temasek to issue a tokenized bond. He is part of a team studying the impact of digital assets on the securities industry has made a recommendation on the business opportunities to use smart contracts to create new products or streamline operations.

Since 2017, Gaurav has been focussing on various digital transformation initiatives across the Securities Service division and in addition to his DLT responsibilities has successfully delivered HSS’ API Gateway and Chabot capabilities.

Gaurav has worked in financial services for almost twenty years focusing on asset servicing, custody, and settlement and has implemented major in-house and vendor platforms. He has both experiences of completing large scale projects and more recent experience working with FinTechs on entrepreneurial ideas. Gaurav is both a technology enthusiast and a proven leader having managed teams all around the world.

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