Meet Garfield Ivy Maitland -
Garfield Ivy Maitland

Garfield Ivy Maitland

Student Librarian Cornell University ILR School


Garfield Ivy Maitland visited the Great Wall of China, witnessed the Northern Lights of Alaska, hiked the Incan trail in Peru and climbed to the top of Mount Everest; all in the lavish comfort of a mahogany desk and the black and white pages of a book.

From a young age, he learned the importance of opening his mind to a world rich with imagination, possibilities, and dreams. It's a unique gift that few possess, but one that has carried him forward and led him to the pinnacle of his life that he now finds himself at.

As a dreamer, he finds freedom from within to change his story at any time and to help other people change their paths as well. He seeks the impossibility in whatever he does, imagines it, and create a vision in which he believes. His challenges, build up and take those around him to new heights.

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