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Gagandeep Singh

Gagandeep Singh

Investment Banker Almora


Gagandeep Singh is an Entrepreneur, Investor and a Blockchain expert who seeks to help companies by connecting them to the right experts and resources. On the other side he helps angel investors, HNWIs and VCs to identify the right investment opportunities. Gagandeep has executed various Bitcoin OTC deals by being direct to the sellers and buyers.

Having started his journey in Blockchain Space back in 2013, he has also been actively helping companies in implementing the blockchain technology or by being a part of great ventures who are trying to do the same. Gagandeep Singh is also referred as, 'TheBlockchainGuy' at times.

Gagandeep goal is to make raising capital for a business easy and efficient so that they can focus on what matters most - growth. As well as take great ventures towards success through the right guidance and experience.

Possessing a proven ability to identify and develop unexplored opportunities, and generate innovative ideas with multi-tiered solutions, and then source and execute with the help of his vast network. This is how he earns accolades in whatever he does.

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