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Funda Öney Babacan

Funda Öney Babacan

Chief Information Officer HSBC Bank


Funda Öney Babacan thinks living is an art. It requires learning to be both at the moment and to shape its future. Even the hormones, chemistry, genetics, and physical appearances of humans are no longer constant variables at the point we come from. In a world where change is essential, we are in a century where we have to extract more than one competence from ourselves with the change of mind and soul.

Creating different areas of satisfaction at different points is a very important diet for the balance of soul, body, and mind. She is trying to pursue everything she does with passion. She thinks her interest in learning never-ending triggers her interest and curiosity in everything. Funda is a mind person, so she is capable of developing algorithms, methods and producing correct results by living in my mind without experiencing.

In addition to this ability, Funda's ability to manage and motivate teams and to produce concrete things lies in her choice of developing software projects in information technologies, where she spent 24 years of her 25-year career. In her 8 years of CIO experience, while leading these transformations at the center of digital transformation transformations, it is the greatest pleasure she has received from her job to proudly accomplish many successes with her team.

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