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Frantisek Vrabel

Frantisek Vrabel

CEO Semantic Visions


Frantisek Vrabel is a technology entrepreneur with Silicon Valley experience. He is also an executive with high personal integrity, a broadly-based background and a passion for new horizons. His persistence and dedication were formed a long time ago, in the years when he was a world-class mountaineer and extreme skier.

He is the Founder and CEO of Semantic Visions, a company that built a bleeding-edge technology at the intersection of Big Data, Semantic Analysis, and Artificial Intelligence. Semantic Vision is servicing critical governmental, commercial and non-profit institutions.

Frantisek assignments have included strategic advisory for Cubic Defense Applications and leadership of a 40,000-strong Czech Government organization. His experience covers dealing with business and political leaders in over 25 countries.

He deeply understands the media ecosystem and how it is being abused by democracy's adversaries. He advises the EU and NATO on effective measures to counter foreign state propaganda and disinformation.

Frantisek is alert to the public to the danger of sharing personal information through online platforms powered by heartless algorithms. He is vocal about Facebook’s key role in dismantling democracy by atomizing and dividing our societies.

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