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Fennie Wang

Fennie Wang

Associate General Counsel MakerDAO


Fennie Wang sits at the nexus of law, technology, and finance, where her unique skillset is translating between these various disciplines. As a lawyer at the heart of decentralized finance, her world is coming full circle—from Wall Street to Big Law to deep technology startups. She started her career as a high yield research analyst at JPMorgan, before practicing securities enforcement and international capital markets at major law firms in New York and London. Since 2016, she has been deep in the crypto space, as a co-founder of a start-up to tokenize social impact outcomes, as a strategist for a decentralized exchange, and as counsel on a decentralized stable coin project.

Fennie enjoys being equal parts practitioner/entrepreneur and academic/educator. She has served as a blockchain advisor to New York State Assemblyman Ron Kim and as a contributing author to the United Nations Development Programme initiative “Migrant Nation.” She is a published author on digital identity in the peer-reviewed academic journal, Frontiers in Blockchain, as well as a contributing author to the book “Financial Services Revolution” (2020). Fennie regularly speaks at industry events around the world, including at Hong Kong Fintech Week, Blockchain Revolution Global in Toronto, Columbia University 7th Annual Digital Finance Summit, DevCon 5 in Osaka, Rchain Conference in Berlin, and others.

Fennie's academic interests in law and blockchain include the relationship between decentralization, governance, and securities law regimes, the interplay between public (central bank-issued) and private (company issued) currencies, local currencies and bottom-up inclusive finance, and the fundamental intersection between digital identity and digital transactions.

Finally, she is deeply passionate about economic inclusion. In between Wall Street and law school, she founded a legal service non-profit in Uganda called Microjustice. Previously, she has co-founded the Young Professionals Council for TrickleUp and volunteered with Accion USA.

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