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Fatmah Baothman

Fatmah Baothman

Assistant Professor King AbdulAziz University - Faculty of Computing and Information Technology


Dr. Fatmah Baothman is an Assistance Professor of Artificial Intelligent (AI) at King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah. Dr. Fatmah’s AI dissertation is AI application in “phonology-based automatic speech recognition for Arabic.” Which was awarded in 2003 with distinction from University of Huddersfield; School of Engineering and Computing; West Yorkshire, England.

She signed Intellectual Property (IP) rights for her advance AI research. Early in her academic tenure, Dr. Fatmah was pivotal in establishing women’s Department which is the foundation of the Computer Science College at KAU; and became its first TA faculty member. In collaboration with King Abdulaziz City of Science and Technology, Dr. Fatmah contributed to the National IT Strategic Plan. She reengineered the IT Center and proposed programs which resulted in establishing the e-University at KAU.

Another of her achievements, Dr. Fatmah managed the AI e-Learning “Global Class Room” project in collaboration with national and international institutions led by Zurich University. She sat up its infrastructure, managed its technology platforms in the Kingdom and was a key AI lecturer. Her accomplishment led to her appointment as Saudi Director of E-learning Researcher Program in Dubai where she designed the Intelligent GCC E-learning Platform.

She became an advisor for King Abdullah Economic city-educational sector, also the representative to IEEE Congress R8. She became the chairwoman of the prestigious IEEE Women in Engineering Western Region, established the KAU IEEE chapter for women and the President of Women Engineers Committee at “Saudi Council of Engineering” western region.

She held the position of General Manager IT Security with a joint venture American company. Dr.Fatmah gained nine trophies, a gold medal and several letters of recognition for her input on different occasions.

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