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Eyal Sivan

Eyal Sivan

Open Banking Consultant Self-employed


Eyal Sivan is an independent consultant specializing in all aspects of open banking. Eyal leverages his 25 years of IT experience in management, business analysis, systems integration, and distributed application architecture to drive his clients towards open banking readiness, client-focused agility, rapid innovation, and global technology leadership.

As an integration specialist, Eyal is intimately familiar with architectural best-practices for distributed, service-oriented, Web-based API and event-driven applications that leverage both legacy integration technologies, such as ESB, EAI, ETL, MOM & Web Services, as well as modern integration technologies, such as APIs, microservices, containerization and service mesh.

Beyond his technology expertise, Eyal has excellent leadership and communication skills, consistently striving to inspire the teams he works with. He also has extensive public presentation experience, having spoken at numerous international conferences on APIs, integration architecture, open banking & the general impact of technology on our lives.

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