Meet Evan Kubes -
Evan Kubes

Evan Kubes

Co-Founder and President MKM Group Inc.


Evan Kubes is the President and Co-Founder of MKM Group. He completed his Bachelor of Arts degree with Honours at Queens University. He then simultaneously attended the University of Windsor School of Law and the University of Detroit School of Law, where he graduated with both a Canadian and American law degree.

While there, Evan was the recipient of the prestigious Canadian and American Dual J.D. program award for academic performance. The global nature of esports allows Evan to leverage his expertise in US & Canadian law to offer clients a multi-jurisdictional approach to the industry.

A cunning lawyer, his passion lies in assisting non-endemic brands strategically enter the esports space for optimal success, and helping established esports entities scale their business. Aside from his love of burgers and all things sports, Evan is the unverified world record holder in N64's version of Samus's "B reak the Targets" mini-game (9.6s).

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