Meet Eugene Danilkis -
Eugene Danilkis

Eugene Danilkis

Co-Founder and CEO Mambu


Eugene Danilkis is Co-Founder and CEO at Mambu, the SaaS banking engine, established in Germany in 2011. With a passion for technology and design and degrees in Human-Computer Interaction and Computer Science, Eugene is the driving force behind the Mambu vision.

Eugene started his career developing NASA-certified software for the International Space Station. At Mambu, he now leads an international team that is helping banking and FinTech companies, young and old, to shape the next generation of financial services around the world. Mambu provides a flexible SaaS platform on which our customers can manage any customer and banking portfolio from current accounts to business lending and easily build their unique customer experience on top using our APIs.

Eugene combines his background in technology and design with an entrepreneurial approach, using technology to find simple solutions to some of the banking sector’s complex challenges.

Originally from Ukraine, Eugene grew up in Canada and is now based in Germany.

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