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Essam Albakr

Essam Albakr

Chief Executive Officer Ejada Investment Company


As CEO, of an investment advisory, Essam Albakr is responsible for leading new strategies, evaluation and diligence of new investment opportunities across KSA & the gulf and operational leadership for management teams at portfolio companies to deliver the investment thesis.

He works across a variety of themes, with a primary focus on consumer discretionary, of various industries such as it, industrial, real estate. Providing advisory services to companies, and investors alike on strategy development; portfolio optimization, business expansion, growth plan development, investment target identification, due diligence support and acquisition, deal structuring, deal sourcing, and fundraising.

He is an experienced investment professional with experience across multiple strategies–growth capital investments. Experienced in pre & post acquisitions, operational and financial restructuring and divestment of various class investments including; distressed assets. Experience in both principal investing and advisory assignments and leading transactions with strategy, financial technical, and legal advisors; involved in 24+ transactions.

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