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Emma Fryer

Emma Fryer

Associate Director techUK


Emma Fryer is an experienced and highly successful policy professional and represents the UK data center sector in dialogue with government policymakers and other external stakeholders. She manages the UK Council of Data Center Operators, Centers Technical Committee and Professionalism Steering Group for techUK. With their support, she has achieved some major outcomes for the sector, the most significant of which was negotiating and implementing the Climate Change Agreement for Data Centers. This, after a four-year marathon of evidence gathering and policy dialogue, was confirmed in December 2013 and came into force on 1st July 2014. It is worth around £250M to the sector. In recognition of her work, she won the DataCenterDynamics Award for “Outstanding Contribution to the Industry” in 2013. She also won the “Effective Voice” category of the Association Network Awards in 2014 in recognition of the way the CCA campaign had been managed. More recently she was awarded Sector Ambassador at the 2018 Datacloud Awards.

Emma has also produced a significant body of work including formal and informal policy responses, white papers, overviews, briefings, high level thought leadership papers and illustrated infographics explaining complex technologies in layman's terms - plus everything in between. Publications include “High Tech: Low Carbon”, “Evaluating the Carbon Impact of ICT: the Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything”, “Data Centres: Engines of Growth”, “Data Centres: a Day in YOUR Life”, “So What Have Data Centres Ever Done For Us?”, “Data Centre Business Models: The Sherry Trifle” and “Er, what IS a Data Centre?”. Recent additions include “Cones of Pain: Generator Emissions Compliance Roadmap” and “Silver Linings: The Implications of Brexit for the UK Data Centre Sector”. Emma has judged for both the leading industry awards providers: BroadGroup and DataCenterDynamics. She is a regular speaker at industry events.

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