Meet Emma Cockburn -
Emma Cockburn

Emma Cockburn

Head of Data and Technology Ogilvy


Emma Cockburn has been working in the digital space for the past 16 years, primarily in the USA market and has learned how to become a better marketer by leveraging data and insights to drive business forward and looking at innovative ways to bring a campaign to life. For example, implementing a remarketing strategy across her client drove an improvement in results of 50% for Cost Per Registration. This was possible by using a unified technology platform with DoubleClick Stack and having the connections into all of the digital media channels.

She has worked with big, medium and small companies and she is continuing to learn and develop her skills in the digital evolution of media and pushing her teams to think about the consumer first.

Starting her career in Paid Search and moving into a cross channel media role over the past 5 years, she is continually learning and innovating through our go-to-market strategies and integrating with multiple stakeholders through the organizations.

She is always looking for opportunities that leverage her strengths in online media strategy to help drive businesses to work to their full potential as well as her own.

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