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Eliel Johnson

Eliel Johnson

Vice President and Head of User Experience Design and Research Charles Schwab


Eliel Johnson is currently the Vice President and Head of User Experience Design and Research for Charles Schwab, a leading financial institution with over $3.5 trillion under management. He is responsible for our multi-platform design strategy that includes native mobile applications, responsive web solutions and innovation for emerging platforms.

He is a passionate, a curious optimist with the grit to solve big design challenges, viewing constraints as the necessary starting point for great design.

Eliel has over 24 years of experience leading design across mobile, tablet, web, watch, voice and desktop. He has a proven record of translating business objectives into delightful solutions for both start-ups and Fortune 100 companies in the US and Europe.

Eliel builds design teams and establishes a design-driven culture. He modernizes design systems and methods, shapes the vision of digital experiences for companies by gathering user insights and translating them into compelling, tangible prototypes that create a vivid picture of the future that C-level executives will support.

He promotes a design thinking mindset within companies and trains colleagues in design thinking methods. Eliel runs cross-functional design workshops to help identify and frame experience challenges and lead teams to rapidly co-create prototypes that tell clear product stories.

He establishes modern, efficient, collaborative design processes that allow companies to build great solutions in an agile manner. He launches meaningful, delightful products that millions of users interact with on a daily basis. He is listed as a co-inventor for multiple patents currently in the filing process.

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