Meet Elena Sofia Giralt -
Elena Sofia Giralt

Elena Sofia Giralt

Product Marketing Electric Coin Company


Elena Sofia Giralt is socially adept, naturally curious and determined to solve problems. She likes fast-paced environments with plenty of change, working in groups that challenge her to go outside of her comfort-zone and freedom and flexibility to experiment with different approaches.

She is good at influencing without authority, keeping cross-functional teams on track, synthesizing information, translating big concepts into clear ideas and action plans, and creating sleek and effective presentations.

Elena is the type of person who sets big goals for herself, embraces a challenge and finds a way to achieve both her goals and those of the organization. She has the X factor, that spark, energy and drive that keeps projects on track and isn't derailed by obstacles. She will find a way to get the job done and make friends along the way.

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