Meet Elena Cinquegrana -
Elena Cinquegrana

Elena Cinquegrana

Director of Products and Partnerships, Downstream Digital BP


Elena Cinquegrana is an experienced and successful executive passionate about products, data science, digital technology, and innovation. Elena is a results-driven leader and entrepreneur with 20+ years of business experience across multiple Industries and Global Market Leaders.

Elena has designed, developed and delivered complex and value-based solutions, which resulted in material results to enhance business growth, market share expansion, and development of great talents and capabilities.

Elena is the initiator of change, getting everyone on board to execute the future state vision, never faced by historical rules nor the status quo.

Elena understands that innovation doesn't happen overnight, but her passion and energy to keep overcoming ‘change fatigue' and entrenched resistance are at the core of what she does. And by giving a clear direction of travel, Elena is that leader who enables companies and individuals to grow, taking you to the next stage of your journey to be future-ready, wherever technology and modernization happens.

Success for Elena equals partnership, alliances, high-performance teams coming all together to fulfill each other goals.

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