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Eduardo Castello Ferrer

Eduardo Castello Ferrer

Connection Science Fellow Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Eduardo Castello Ferrer is a Postdoctoral researcher specialized in robotics. He has collaborated on international projects in Japan, Germany, Spain, and the United States, with world-class gurus such as Hiroshi Ishiguro, Marco Dorigo, and Alex ('Sandy') Pentland. He is currently conducting research and participating in projects on Swarm Robotics and Blockchain technologies.

He has written in various generalist publications and specialists, such as El PaĆ­s, El Mundo, Advanced Robotics or Swarm Intelligence and his projects have had repercussions in several media, like BBC, Wired, The Guardian or RTVE. He has given masterclasses and lectures at international congresses such as ICRA, ICCAS or GREX.

His goal is to build new distributed robotic systems that can change the way humanity feeds, communicates, transports and lives. These new decentralized technologies will have a great weight to build more open, fair and transparent ecosystems for their future users.

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