Meet Dr. Stylianos Kampakis -
Dr. Stylianos Kampakis

Dr. Stylianos Kampakis

CEO and Instructor The Tesseract Academy


Dr. Stylianos Kampakis is an expert data scientist and statistician living and working in London with experience in multiple domains including (but not limited to): deep learning, natural language processing, recommender systems, statistical modeling, and research design. He is running his own consultancy and he can take up work with companies of all sizes.

He is also offering educational services in the areas of data science, AI, machine learning and blockchain through his company Tesseract Academy ( The seminal event is a half-day workshop taking place every few months, but they also provide in-house training services.

He is also involved in the blockchain space and he has been an advisor to many ICOs. His main specialties include white paper review and modeling token economies. He is always open to any consulting opportunities.

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