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Dr. Jemma Green

Dr. Jemma Green

Co-Founder and Chairman Power Ledger


Dr. Jemma Green was born in Perth and raised in the eastern hills. At age 22, and armed with a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance from Murdoch University in Perth, she started a career in banking at JP Morgan in London.

Here her work involved bringing sustainability and corporate social responsibility to the task of lending big money. This often involved persuading industries like mining to clean up their act, a challenge she relishes despite its complexity.

In 2013, Jemma left banking and returned to Australia to complete a Ph.D. in disruptive innovation. Here she started to look at citizen utilities and the way apartment buildings could use solar and batteries in combination.

It was a short step from this to setting up Power Ledger with her cofounders in 2016, a blockchain energy company. In 2017, Power Ledger undertook Australia's first initial coin offering and raised $34 million.

Jemma has become a goto person on matters of blockchain, cities, energy, and transport in and has made hundreds of appearances in the media commenting on related topics.

She also finds time to be an independent councilor at the City of Perth, a board member of the Water Corp and advisor to Carbon Tracker, wife and a mother of one.

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