Meet Dr. Jacques Khouri -
Dr. Jacques Khouri

Dr. Jacques Khouri

Head of Digital Transformation and Innovation Dar Al-Handasah (Shair and Partners)


Following his Ph.D. at NOAA-USA, DGA-France and DSO-Singapore, Dr. Jacques Khouri initiated and led the Digital Transformation for several International Users, developed a Business plan and Technological Capabilities, Global Technical and Sales Strategy, established Key influential Relationships and currently enjoy leading and managing a big Team of multi-disciplinary Experts worldwide, transforming and creating a Digital Twins & including IoT CMMS, GIS for a Major International Smart Airport in the GCC region, assuring the Business Growth, creating High Technology products, optimizing Process and Workflows, increasing Revenues and developing Partnership programs. Technology is best when it brings people together.

We need constant change, technological innovation capability, and high productivity to survive in a fiercely competitive environment. Naturally curious, eager to discover challenges and create sustainable optimized solutions, Jacques helped companies generate & sell innovative High-Tech Intellectual Property on a global scale, produced and filed 7 Patented Inventions U.S.A/Paris for the people.

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