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Dr. Ayad Aldaijy

Dr. Ayad Aldaijy

CIO and Adviser Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture


Highly motivated and passionate in turning challenges into success.

Dr. Ayad Aldaijy is a senior IT and executive leader, and a subject matter expert in cyber-security. He has a wealth of 27+ years of experience in leadership and advisory roles in reputable local and global organizations. He is a well-versed speaker and renowned researcher in cybersecurity challenges and software development performance improvements.

Dr. Aldaijy has successfully delivered transformational mission-critical systems for many public sector organizations. He led and engaged with Strategic Planning, Organizational Integration: Mergers and Acquisitions, Digital Transformation, Cyber Security, IT, Consulting, Drive Smarter Technology, Big Data, IoT, PMO, Change Management, ERP implementation, and Organizational Performance Improvement.

In September 2015, Dr. Aldaijy joined the Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture, Saudi Arabia, as Advisor to the Minister and Chief Information Officer (CIO). He played a key role in the continued development of the Ministry, serving as an integral and strategic member of its senior management team, and was primarily responsible for the management of the Ministry’s present and future information & communication technology services position, and building a strong and capable team to support the Ministry’s vision to achieve sustainability of environment and natural resources, ensure water security, contribute to achieving food security, and improve quality of life in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Previously, Dr. Aldaijy has held a number of managerial positions in Saudi Arabian Royal Guard and Ministry of Defense, including of CIO position at Saudi Arabian Royal Guard. He started his professional career with Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) in June 1990, where he engaged and led a number of critical IT projects for major organizations in RSAF and Ministry of Defense.

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