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Douglas Corley

Douglas Corley

Co-Founder and CEO DHB Global


Douglas Corley is a Beijing-based healthcare entrepreneur and the CEO and Co-Founder of DHB Global, an AI-driven health investment platform. Douglas grew up in Omaha and was educated at Creighton University. After graduating in 2010 with a double degree in biomedical science and analytic philosophy, he left the U.S. to begin working in basic science research in Beijing.

He spent three years concurrently in Chinese Academy of Science, 301 (PLA) Military Hospital and Peking University conducting basic science research on NCDs, he later worked in private healthcare at United Family Health. It was these positions where he began to map out the infrastructure gaps in therapies as well as clinical practice and policies across the disease spectrum in China.

This led him to start Beijing Health Forum and later DHB Global to bring transparency to the tech transfer process. He is also enthusiastic about music, martial arts, cryptocurrency, self-development, biotechnology, and SDGs.

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