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Dirk-Peter van Leeuwen

Dirk-Peter van Leeuwen

Senior Vice President and GM Asia Pacific and Japan Red Hat


For the past 13 years, while wearing a Red Hat, Dirk-Peter van Leeuwen has been an active player in building and leading an Open Organization which enables a community that excels, promotes openness and collaboration, reward passion and celebrate others success.

His first Commercial job started in the Netherlands in 1996. From being the single hire for SCO in the country, he grew to become a sales and business manager running a team of 30, and soon after, he managed seven countries as the Director for Northern Europe. Ever since he has been a builder.

In Red Hat he started the operations from scratch in the Benelux in2004, expanding it further to include Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Eastern Europe, and now since 2009 paving roads for its growth in the Asia Pacific markets. Exploring possibilities for exponential growth and scale is what motivates him and he is proud to lead the Apac Organization in Red Hat that now consists of several thousand people

Having lived and worked for American companies in Europe and now in Asia has granted him the bragging rights to be called a global citizen. The Open Source Community at Red Hat has exposed him to different cultures and allowed him to learn from and interact with the most amazing, smart, driven and passionate people around the world. That is what he loves the most about his work.

He is a running enthusiast. People who work with him know that he enjoys running wherever he goes and like to leave his footprints in every place he visits. Being involved in sports has strengthened his character – resilience, focus, strength and openness. These qualities empower him to function as a catalyst of change within the organization as well as the community at large.

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