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Dieter Frank Wipf

Dieter Frank Wipf



Dieter Frank Wipf is the CEO at EXCOINCIAL, a multi-cryptocurrency and fiat currency trading exchange platform. He is also the Business Development Director at AFRICUNIA BANK.

Dieter is an independent Auditor from Switzerland. Over the years he had various mandates, including political ones, and leadership tasks in African Countries for governmental and nongovernmental organizations where he played prominent roles in auditing, service & quality checks; establishment of new Companies in Medicine and Energy sectors.

Dieter has profound experience especially in areas of civil and political unrest around the Great Lakes in Central Africa as well as having Political and Military experiences in areas of unrest during or after unrest. His professional travel activities include most of Europe and countries like Ukraine and Russia where he has provided his services. Furthermore, he has acquired special Political and Economic knowledge in Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, Eastern DRC, Burundi, Rwanda, Congo-Brazzaville, Ivory Coast, Guinea, and DRC especially.

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