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Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar was one of the pioneers of web development in Argentina and Latin America back in 1995 and has a leading role in fostering Bitcoin technology in Latin America since 2012. His most remarkable feature is his ability to understand disruptive technologies and turn them into usable tools for business and social transformation.

He has got in touch with Bitcoin in 2011 and since 2012 he decided to completely devote himself to the creation of the Argentinean and Latam grassroots communities. He also co-founded Rootstock, the first open-source peer-to-peer smart-contract platform, and payment network with a 2way peg to Bitcoin, and Koibanx, both companies aim to turn the transformative potential of Bitcoin into a reality.

He is one of the founders of the Argentinean Bitcoin Community which has over 2,000 members registered on the meetups and 20,000 members in its online community. He organized the first bitcoin conference in Latin America ( and has a central role in spreading the word about bitcoin in the region by contributing to the creation of grassroots communities in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, México, Nicaragua, Perú, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

His track record also includes being part of the founding teams of Clarín Digital (main Argentina's newspaper website), (financial community sold to Banco Santander for 750M), Internet Argentina (first Argentinean ISP to provide ADSL), Edunexo (provider of a SaaS platform to administer public and private educational institutions in Latin America and Spain).

Diego also held positions as R&D Manager for leading a team of 25 developers and CTO at Trusted Translations, Inc.

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