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Dennis O'Neill

Dennis O'Neill

CEO O'Neill Capital Advisors


Dennis O'Neill has over 25 years of experience as an Investment Banker. He helped start two of the largest regional Investments banks in Chicago, Madison Securities and Advanced Equities. He was the Managing Director for Softbank Investments and E2Capital office in Chicago and raised over 2 billion dollars in capital for early-stage companies to date. Mr. O'Neill has a significant amount of experience and success in Sales, Marketing, Financial Media, Business Development and Institutional Capital Raises. He has spoken at over 50 Private Equity, Venture Capital and Small Cap conferences. He is a thought leader and Blockchain-Crypto Expert and has spoken at over 25 conferences and sought after speaker for Blockchain, ICO and Crypto conferences.

He recently became the Chief Investment Officer at DigiMax.Global, a company aiming to become a world leader in advising companies issuing digital securities, such as security tokens, on a 100% regulatory compliant basis, in any country around the world in which such an offering is made.

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