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Dejan Roljic

Dejan Roljic

Founder and CEO Eligma


Dejan Roljic began his entrepreneurial journey as a teenager in a successful San Francisco based start-up before continuing his path in Shanghai, China. There he founded a company focusing on the controlling process for manufacturing facilities in Asia and bulk product delivery. He quickly built a united controlling network of over 250 factories in China and later continued the company’s expansion in the EU. After returning to Europe, he founded a 3D printing start-up and at the same time began investing in various innovative companies. He later founded the ABC Accelerator, an accelerator dedicated to high-tech companies from the South and Central Eastern European regions with offices in Ljubljana, Silicon Valley, Munich, Kiev, and Sarajevo. As of today, ABC and Dejan invested in more than 80 startups from around the world. Dejan also co-owns a software development company with 120 employees. He has been involved as an advisor in several successful token sales and actively helped companies build their business and raise funds.

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