Meet Debra L. Griffin -
Debra L. Griffin

Debra L. Griffin

Founding Member Patient Data Exchange, LLC


Debra L. Griffin has spent 30 plus years in healthcare administration where she worked to balance the operation of money and mission when providing care.

It’s her belief that appropriate healthcare is a basic right for all and by facilitating more access, tempering cost by empowering the patients’ with involving them in the ownership of their complete personal health data to be able to present these reports to providers at the appropriate time, quality healthcare services at low cost can be delivered.

PPX is a secure Bluetooth medical management API app. Patients and healthcare providers can pair their devices and experience real-time medical data transference. Both the patient and provider’s vendor must have the app installed on their smart devices and the provider’s app has to be integrated into the software. An 8-digit token is received on the patient’s device from the provider’s device for syncing simply and securely.

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