Meet Deborah Webster -
Deborah Webster

Deborah Webster

Founder and CEO AMANIcircle


Deborah Webster was raised in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and has experience working across the GCC and other emerging markets. She has a successful track record in identifying high-potential leaders and entrepreneurs, as well as those that are red-flags. Deborah systemized the methodology to help investors de-risk and optimize investments in early-stage and high-growth companies (AMANI™). The most notable example of a company with ‘red-flags’ was Theranos – pre-scandal.

Deborah has also been an Advisor to several initiatives driving gender parity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. She has spoken at several conferences around the world and chairs discussions on a variety of topics including, leadership, innovation, and ethical practices around data and technology.

Her clients have included Carlyle Group, Gulf Investment Corporation, Millicom, Tigo, Women for Women International, as well as some family groups, accelerators, high-growth companies, and startups.

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