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Debbie Won

Debbie Won

Associate Professor California State University, Los Angeles


Deborah Won has been teaching at California State University, Los Angeles since January 2009.

Broadly speaking, her main research interests are in acquiring, interpreting, and modulating electrical signals in the body. For example, some of her research has dealt with a medical technology called deep brain stimulation, by which electrical current pulses are delivered to a deep structure in the brain called the subthalamic nucleus. This therapy is used in patients with movement disorders, such as Parkinson's disease.

Deborah's research laboratory is called Neural Engineering Technology Laboratory (NETlab). Presently, they are working on developing a new therapy centered around electrical stimulation of muscle nerves. This therapy is targeted to help spinal cord injury patients regain the ability to walk on their own. She is collaborating with Dr. Ray De Leon in Kinesiology in this area of research. We are also running a NeuroEngineering Journal Club.

Her specialization is in biomedical engineering, and she has launched 5 new courses in biomedical engineering, which are expected to become part of a special option in Biomedical Engineering within the BS in Engineering program. She also enjoys teaching a variety of courses ranging from electronics to signal to process.

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