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David Treat

David Treat

Managing Director Accenture


David Treat is a managing director and co-lead of Accenture’s Blockchain business globally.

He has over 20 years of experience in Financial Services split between consulting and industry roles spanning Capital Markets, Retail Banking, and Cards. He has expertise in running strategy functions, innovation, strategic cost management, large-scale restructuring, customer relationship management, and M&A.

Over the past several years, Dave has driven the formation of Accenture’s blockchain practice which now spans the globe, engages clients across all industries, and ranges from pure R&D to full-scale client business transformation. In addition to managing several of Accenture’s strategic alliances in the blockchain domain, he sits on the boards of the Linux Hyperledger Project, the ID2020 Alliance, and is the Vice Chairman of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

Dave holds over 26 blockchain patents and pending patents and is a frequent speaker and the author of several papers. He has been quoted extensively on blockchain-related topics in the New York Times, Fortune, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal. Dave was named one of the Sci-Tech 100 2018: The Architects of the Future by the Silicon Republic.

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