Meet Davis Pfund -
Davis Pfund

Davis Pfund

Co-Founder Mettā Creative


Davis Pfund was first introduced to Mettā Creative when he was a freshman. As an entrepreneurship major, he immediately saw the company’s potential. He believed he could bring the organization to the next level by utilizing the Summers Founders program at the Venture Development Center for entrepreneurship. The Summer Founders Program is an opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurial students to create a start-up and have weekly mentoring progress meetings with advisors. Projects are funded by donor entrepreneurs and students receive a stipend for the summer.

Mettā Creative is an organization that aims to change the way millennials party by focusing on making deeper personal connections and giving back to the environment. Davis, a co-founder of Mettā Creative claims the initial idea was inspired by feeling disconnected and bored at Grotto’s.

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