Meet David M. Brear -
David M. Brear

David M. Brear

Group CEO 11:FS


He is the CEO at 11:FS and have been immersed in the technology of financial services for as long as he had been working.

David's career takes in senior roles at banks, insurers, research houses, analysis firms, consultancies and management consultancies.

He has worn the suits and shiny shoes and seen an industry he loves to spend money like it’s going out of fashion. All to achieve very little.

At 11:FS we believe that digital banking is only 1% Finished. And we have established the team and the technology to help banks fight back.

David spends his time these days helping banks, insurers, regulators and governments be better.

Before 11:FS he was most recently the Global Director of Digital Banking in Gartner with senior roles before this at Infosys, Lloyds Banking Group, Aviva and Foolproof.

Specialties: FinTech, FinServ, Digital Strategy, Digital Compliance, Digital Operating Models, User Experience Design, Service Design, Mobile Banking, Personal Financial Management tools, eCommerce, Online Proposition Development, All aspects of Digital Marketing, Pay Per Click, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Affiliate Marketing, Aggregators, User Testing, User Experience, Human-Computer Interaction, Stakeholder Management, 金融科技.

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