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David Lolaev

David Lolaev

Founder SalAd Lab


David Lolaev worked in various fields: started with HoReCa; launched projects in the banking sector; opened the center of authorization and was actively engaged in the public procurement market.

In 2016, he became actively interested in the development of the crypto-currency market, was engaged in the study of blockchain technology and actively participated in the development of the ICO market at the dawn of its appearance in the Russian Federation.

In 2017, together with partners, he established ICO Brothers, which today is the leader in consulting with more than 350 clients in portfolio in tasks for the launch of ICO projects and combines a large list of services that are in demand for the market, from the stage of origin of the idea of ​​holding an ICO, to listing and maintaining project after the end of the ICO.

In 2019 open new company SalAd lab, with a focus on business development, sales management and fundraising. Sales is the basement of each business in the present day. Unique solutions which we use in our work help us became effective than the sales department in big companies.

David has an active life position. His interests include motorsports and extreme sports, such as snowboarding.

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