Meet David Goodman -
David Goodman

David Goodman

Founder and CEO Vitro Technology Corporation


David Goodman is an innovator of IoT Proof-of-Origin authentication. He founded and successfully exited 3 startups to public companies over a 30-year career.

Vitro offers IoT hardware and services to deliver and authenticate real-world data for blockchain and secure transaction applications. Vitro's core service is IoT Blocks: data from remote equipment, meters, and sensors combined with Proof-of-Origin. Proof-of-Origin authenticates data from a remote device to the cloud, regardless of what transport technology is used to post data to the cloud or onto the blockchain. IoT Blocks assure that each data package is authentic, unaltered and recorded at a specific device via Proof-of-Origin hashing and signature via remote, autonomously generated ECC keys.

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