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David Forman

David Forman

Founder SpaceBridge Logistics


David Forman is a visionary entrepreneur who brings groups of people together to accomplish incredible things and believes that blockchains will fundamentally change the way the world does business.

David is the founder and CEO of Cascade Systems (, an algorithmic trading company that supplies liquidity to emerging exchanges and projects. Cascade’s core technology is a flexible trading system and portfolio management framework, enabling a broad range of algorithmic trading strategies, liquidity provision, and payment processing services. Cascade is currently a premier market maker in the decentralized exchange space.

David is also a founder of SpaceBridge Logistics (, which is building a blockchain-enabled marketplace for space services. SpaceBridge is working directly with a variety of launch and satellite companies, with a focus on creating protocols for moving, repairing, and deorbiting satellites. David is passionate about leveraging blockchain technology to increase connectivity across the aerospace industry and help humanity become a space-faring civilization.

Previously, David co-founded the game studio Serenity Forge, built his own algorithmic trading operation and obtained degrees in Physics and Music Composition.

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